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Your Menopause Diet

During and after menopause women must balance nutritional needs with maintaining a healthy weight. It's a great time to take stock and make dietary changes that will maximize your health throughout menopause and into the rest of your life.

6 Essential Foods for Your Menopause Diet

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when eating gets tricky. Although we seem to be endlessly conscious of what we eat, what we weigh, and how we look, menopause brings a special attention to the importance of a healthy diet. Add to that a slowing metabolism and health risks that rise with age, and it’s clear that we have to make every calorie count for something good. How do we set…

Menopause Diet Basics
Menopause diet suggestions

The Menopause Diet -- Book Review
Dr. Larrian Gillespie's book, The Menopause Diet, is reviewed. Maybe you can get through menopause without gaining weight, and with energy to spare.

Fiber and Your Health
One important addition to your menopause diet is enough fiber. Fiber can help protect you from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Learn about this under-appreciated nutrition booster.

Diet for Middle Age
Check out this US News coverage of a study that supports eating fruits and vegetables to fight middle age weight gain.

Nutrition and Menopause
During and after menopause your nutritional needs change. Here are some tips for eating a healthy diet that will meet those needs without adding weight.

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