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Menopause and Your Sex Life

Your hormones are giving you quite a ride during menopause. It can change how you experience sex, how much you desire it and how satisfied you are with your sex life. It may be a time of real sexual fulfillment, but it takes some attention to health, hormones and mental attitude to continue to evolve sexually through menopause and beyond.

Will I Lose My Libido After Menopause?
During and after menopause, libido may drop. Learn which women are at risk for low libido with menopause.

Vaginal Dryness
If vaginal dryness or other symptoms of vaginal atrophy are causing you discomfort during menopause, there are several treatment options available to help.

Sex and Menopause: Comfortable Companions
Sex and Menopause, Midlife Sexual Concerns

Sex After Menopause
If you are wondering whether there is sex after menopause, the answer is yes. How it feels and whether it is still satisfying depends on many factors, including your outlook and your hormone levels. Here is a quick look at some of the factors that come into play as you weather the hormone shifts of menopause.

Sleep Disturbance and Libido
If your libido is low since you entered your menopausal years, it may not be just your hormones. When your sleep is disturbed, it can impact your level of desire. This study by Group Health links poor quality of sleep to a decreased libido in menopausal women.

Viagra and Women's Sexuality
How do menopausal women feel about their partners using Viagra or other erectile drugs? It's a mixed response, with women being ambivalent about never-ending virility.

Sexual Equality = Sexual Satisfaction for Older Adults
Older adults find that gender equality improves sexual satisfaction.

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