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Menopause Basics

Basic facts about menopause -- including the definition of menopause, average age of menopause, types of menopause -- Natural, induced, early or premature menopause. Understand the difference between menopause, perimenopause and postmenopause.

5 Books to Help You Through the Menopause Transition
There are many excellent resources to help you understand menopause and the many changes it brings. Here are 5 excellent books to keep on your shelf that will educate, clarify, reassure and inspire you. Whether you want to explore the treatment options, re-kindle your love life or just feel less alone, these books will usher you into your third age with wisdom, confidence and humor.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause -- Book Review
Book Review of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause

How Long Will Menopause Last?
Once menopause symptoms appear, how long will they last? The duration of menopause is highly individual. This article discusses the duration of menopause symptoms and how unique they are to each woman.

Definition of amenorrhea

What is Menopause?
This is a brief description of menopause, including the definition, causes, timing and types of menopause.

Menopause 101
What happens during menopause? This page links you to a world of information on menopause and the changes you'll experience during this time of life.

Menopause -- Your Changing Body
Menopause is a natural phase in your life, a time when hormone changes signal the end of your fertility. Here is the basic information about this biologic change.

Definition of Menopause
Here is a definition of menopause.

Menopause Tutorial
Here is a little patient education tutorial from the National Library of Medicine. This introduction to menopause will teach you basic health information and presents some of the common approaches to menopause treatment.

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