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Your Health After Menopause

After menopause, women face new health risks. Without the protective qualities of estrogen, and with the added effects of aging, women may be vulnerable to some serious health problems. Many of these can be prevented or delayed, and women can continue to live active healthy lives after the menopausal years.
  1. Osteoporosis

Stroke Risk and Sleep: Enough is Just Enough
Stroke risk and sleep are related. How much sleep you get can change your risk for stroke, and too much or too little can both raise your risk.

Getting More Vitamin D In Your Day
Vitamin D is important to women during and after menopause. It plays a role in preventing disease and maintaining healthy bones. Learn what dosage is appropriate for menopausal women and how to get that daily dosage.

7 Ways Women Can Protect Their Hearts
Women are known for operating out of their hearts. But as you get into the menopause years, your heart becomes even more "tender." Heart disease looks different in women than it does in men, and there are things you can do early in the game to protect your heart and keep it ticking through menopause and beyond. Heart health is a matter of knowing the genetic hand you've been dealt, and learnin…

Menopause and Stroke
During the menopause years women typically see themselves at risk for cancer, but not for stroke. But although men have more strokes, women are more likely to die of a stroke than men. Learn the risks, symptoms and warning signs as well as the unique female signs of stroke.

A Menopause Heart to Heart
Article describing the differences between men and women's heart disease, including diagnosis, treatment and risk.

Pollution Increases Heart Disease for Postmenopausal Women
Discussion of research linking heart disease to pollution for postmenopausal women.

Heart Disease and Women
Heart disease is a more serious risk than most women think. Here is more information on heart disease and women.

Heart and Bone Health After Menopause
Information on bone and heart health after menopause.

Exercise in the Post Menopause -- A Lifesaver
After menopause your focus is on preventing disease or disability, and maximizing your choices. One way to stay healthy and avoid many post-menopausal problems is to exercise.

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