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Serious Menopausal Symptoms

Some symptoms of menopause are urgent and may require medical attention. Look here for information on serious menopause symptoms like heavy bleeding, depression and hypertension - when to worry and when to see your doctor.

Serious Menopause Symptoms
Some symptoms of menopause require medical attention and should be followed up. Heavy bleeding, high blood pressure, some types of heart palpitations and depression are serious symptoms and may require medical attention.

Heart Disease is Different for Women
Heart disease is different in women than in men, and the differences can kill you. This page links to information that can help you recognize early and/or unique symptoms of women's heart disease so that you can get medical attention at the first sign of trouble.

Osteoporosis -- Bone Health in Post Menopause
Your health after menopause depends on keeping your bones strong and in good working order. This overview of osteoporosis reminds us of the danger in letting bones become frail.

Uterine Fibroids and Heavy Bleeding
One cause of serious heavy bleeding during the menopausal years are benign tumors called fibroid tumors. If you experience any abnormal bleeding during or after menopause, see your medical provider. This site provides basic information on uterine fibroids, including other causes of uterine bleeding that should be considered when making the diagnosis.

HRT and Heart Disease
Hormone therapy is still controversial and opinions are mixed on whether it protects women from heart disease or raises the risks. Here is an update on who are the best candidates for HRT when it comes to protecting your cardiovascular health.

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